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"MOSS & MOSS" Ltd. was founded on July 1, 2004. Food waste collection and recycling provides for the core business of our company - wholesale trade of biofuel.

"MOSS & MOSS" Ltd. is a representative in Latvia of the Austrian company GREEN BULL Motors GmbH. GREEN BULL Motors GmbH is one of the leading European companies that develop and produce diesel engine refitting components to run an engine on vegetable oil.

Our business address is 13 Zentenes Street, Riga. Our office also is located at 13 Zentenes Street, Riga. Here is also place of biofuel wholesale site.

More information on how to find us or contact us you will find in the section of the site Contacts. We are ready to listen to your questions about and around the issues concerning your interest in our offered products, as well as issues associated with the purchase and delivery of the products.


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