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Food waste separation! Why?


In the EU countries each year there are discarded in waste almost 100 million tons of food. If nothing is done, by 2020 the amount of food waste could exceed 120 million tons.

What can we do?

Each of us has a role in reducing of food waste. Often the discarded food volume can be reduced applying a very small effort, thus saving money and contributing to the protection of the environment. It may turn out to be much easier than you think! We are here to help



Environmental benefits

Separate collection of food waste improves the sanitation of the area, public safety and health conditions in the working environment. Food waste in a common unsorted waste container causes unpleasant odours, attracts rodents and insects, therefore they must be stored in sealed, leak-proof, durable and reusable containers. While managing such waste separately, it is possible to avoid leaking and smelling household waste containers in their collection locations.

Food waste has a large local recycling and consumption potential. While composting those, there could be obtained an organic fertilizer, which can be used to improve soil fertility and structure, as well as reduce the need for additional fertilizers and pesticides. Food waste can be used for the production of biogas (bio-methane) consumed by both the transport sector and the energy sector.

Food waste, like other biodegradable waste, while decomposing in conditions lacking oxygen (anaerobic) mixing with household waste, produces methane gas (CH4), which is one of greenhouse gases with 21 times stronger impact on the climate change than carbon dioxide (CO2). To make a full use of biogas conversion into electrical and/or thermal energy, they need to be sorted already in the very beginning, when they are created.



The food waste collection network created in Latvia by "Moss & Moss" Ltd. allows customers to ensure the optimal solutions for food waste storage and collection, offering containers of different capacities and flexible collection conditions specific to each company.

The company provides for the recycling of waste vegetable oils and fats for the production of biofuel also sold by the company (License No. BV 00000000081, issued on 28.10.2011).

Food waste after treatment is delivered to the biogas plants (Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) Recognition No. 052298, FVO Certificate No. AA 082863).


Our work


Customer's application form

We accept application forms every day from 9:00 to 18:00 calling: +371 29997180


Waste collection

We go to our clients and collect the used vegetable oils, food waste and packaging



The collected waste goes into the initial treatment, the dry residues into further utilization, oils and fats into recycling



Depuration and recycling of oils and fats for secondary use


The 3rd category!

We work with the 3rd category food waste, you could recognize us by these stickers!
  • When entering into an agreement with each client there are individually assessed the needs of the company and negotiated the nuances of the location, the amount of the waste to remove and the schedule to provide the service, as well as what containers to use in every specific company.
  • We have the necessary containers available for your needs and transport, we offer a clean (every time) container for the collection of free oils, vegetable fats and the 3rd category by-products.
  • We are ready to control the container exchange time and process, the collection of the vegetable oils, vegetable fats consumed by your company and the food by-products of the 3rd category, every month you will receive a detailed report on the collected vegetable oil and fats.
  • We perform this service legitimately! All the collected vegetable oil and fats are recycled into biofuels.


    Collection of the used vegetable oils and vegetable fats

    Every month, vegetable oil and fats from cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops and bakeries are collected in our company and recycled into an environmentally friendly fuel. The collection network established in Latvia enables us to react immediately and collect the accumulated oil and fats.

    The agreement with us will allow your company to get rid of the waste vegetable oil, fats, in return receiving the supporting documentation from all the responsible bodies.



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